2016 Rules Overview

  • The top twenty teams in the Men’s and Women’s Premier relays at each of the designated events shall score points as follows (in descending order from first place): 25, 22, 20, 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, etc minecraft kostenlos spielen nicht downloaden. Teams entered in the M120+ relay at the JK, which shares both its course and start with the JK Trophy relay, shall be considered to be competitive in the JK Trophy for the purposes of allocating UK Relay League points wo windows 10 herunterladen.
  • Clubs shall be ranked by the sum of their three highest scores achieved at separate events. Teams with an equal number of points will be ranked using a countback system, including non-counting events if necessary movies mp4 for free.
  • Individual competitors may represent one club in the the UKRL each year. Any individual competitor who intends to run for multiple clubs in UKRL races in a single year shall notify the UKRL coordinator in advance of which club he would like to represent in the UKRL; otherwise he shall be considered to be representing the first club that he runs for that year jurassic world spiel kostenlos herunterladen.
  • If a club is represented at an event by a team which includes a competitor who has already represented a different club at a previous UKRL event that year or who has given notice that he intends to represent a different club for UKRL purposes, then the team featuring that competitor shall be disregarded in the scoring of UKRL points at that event percy jackson kostenlosen.
  • Clubs may form Neighbouring Club Alliances for the UKRL, subject to¬†Appendix N of the British Orienteering Rules kann von youtube nichts mehren. Clubs in an Alliance shall be considered as a single club for the purposes of the UKRL rules.